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When hazards cannot be eliminated from products, SBAI determines whether safety labels can effectively inform, remind, and influence consumer behavior. SBAI designs labels to be seen, read, understood, and motivational by answering these questions.

What hazards are to be communicated?

Analyze injury data to identify hazard patterns
Evaluate product design and any existing warnings
Conduct usability tests
Recommend that hazards be designed out if feasible
Identify residual hazard to be warned against

How to communicate warnings?

Use voluntary standards (ANSI Z535 or ISO 3864) and labeling technical literature to determine format and to layout label

Communicate four elements of hazard:


Decide whether to use words and/or symbols

How well are warnings communicated?

Select and use appropriate research methodologies to determine how well draft label words and symbols are understandable and motivating:

Focus groups
Usability testing
Safety symbol comprehension testing (ANSI Z535.3 and ISO 9186)



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