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Examples of voluntary standards we helped develop:

Warning Labels:

American National Standards Institute:

ANSI Z535.3 Criteria for Safety Symbols
ANSI Z535.4 Product Safety Signs and Labels

International Organization for Standardization:

ISO 9186 Graphical Symbols - Test Methods for Judged Comprehensibility and for Comprehension

ISO/CD 3864-2 Graphical Symbols - Safety Colors and Safety Signs - Part 2: Design Principles for Product Safety Labels 

Product Safety Designs:

American Society for Testing and Materials, Consumer Safety Specifications for:

ASTM F963 Toy Safety
ASTM F1427 Bunk Beds
ASTM 1004 Expansion Gates and Expandable Closures
ASTM F404 High Chairs

ASTM F406 Play Yards
ASTM F966 Full-Size and Non-Full-Size Baby Crib Corner Post Extensions
ASTM F1822 Non-Full Size Baby Cribs 

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.:

UL 325 Residential Garage Door Operators
UL 1025 Standard for Electric Air Heaters


Examples of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Regulations we helped develop or utilize when evaluating product compliance:

Small Parts (16CFR 1501)
Small Balls (16 CFR Part 1500.18 (a)(17))
Choking Hazard Labels for Toys, Balls, Marbles, Balloons (16 CFR Part 1500.19)
Rattles (16 CFR Part 1510)
Pacifiers (16 CFR Part 1511)

Use and Abuse Procedures (16CFR 1500.50-1500.53)
Sharp Point Technical Requirements (16CFR1500.48)
Sharp Edge Technical Requirements (16CFR1500.49)

Full-Size Baby Cribs (16 CFR Part 1508)
Ban of Infant Bean Bag Cushions (16CFR 1500.18(a)(16))
Lawn Darts (16 CFR 1500.18(a)(4), 16CFR Part 1306)

Omnidirectional Citizen's Band Base Station Antennas (16CFR Part 1204)
Swimming Pool Slides (16CFR Part 1207)
Poison Prevention Packages (16CFR Part 1700)

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