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                                  Examples of product hazards on which we have
                                        performed Human Factors evaluations:


Automatic garage door entrapment strangulation
C.B. base station antenna electrocution
Gas water heater CO poisoning
Portable electric heater fire
Range tipover burn


Bunk bed head entrapment/strangulations, falls
Day bed entrapment/strangulation
Dresser tipovers, entrapment/strangulation
Recliner chair head entrapment/strangulation
Water bed strangulation/suffocation

Household Items

Battery overheating and leaking
Child resistant closures on medicine bottle poisoning
Cigarette lighter flare up
Clothing burn, drawstring
CO detector control display design
Drapery and blind cords, entanglement/strangulation
Food choking
Gas can - flammable, explosion, poison
Glue cap choking
Kerosene container burn
Lamps and luminaries miscellaneous hazards
Smoke detector control display design
Water bottle choking
Vinyl/plastic film suffocation

Industrial/Professional Equipment, Tools, and Miscellaneous

Brick hammer projectile, blindness
Chemical-protective clothing chemical burn
Electric power line electrocution
Fence slat spacing - escape, entrapment
Fifty-five gallon drum explosion
Forklift control confusion, crushing
Hair color explosive chemical reaction
Heat gun fire
Industrial hand tool blood-born pathogen
Linseed oil stain spontaneous combustion
Railroad train amputation
Swinging gate head entrapment/strangulation
Welding rod poison

Nursery/Juvenile Products

Baby enclosure entrapment/strangulation
Baby gate entrapment/strangulation
Baby walker stair fall
Bassinet suffocation
Booster car seat containment failure
Booster feeding seat fall
Clothing string and hood entanglement, strangulation
Convertible child car seat containment failure
Crib catch point, entrapment, strangulation
High chair strangulation, falls
Infant bean bag cushion suffocation
Infant bedding entanglement/strangulation
Infant carrier seat fall
Infant car seat entanglement/strangulation
Infant swinging seat strangulation
Light switch extender entanglement/strangulation
Nursery decoration entanglement/strangulation
Outlet safety plug - electrical burns
Pacifier choking, entanglement, strangulation
Playpen/play yard catch point, entrapment, strangulation
Stroller amputation
Toy chest strangulation
Tricycle conspicuousness


Ball choking
Crib toy, gym, mobile entanglement, catch point, strangulation
Lei laceration
Manipulative toys, age determinations
Manipulative toys, choking, suffocation
Miscellaneous infant toys (rattles, squeeze toys, teethers, etc.) choking
Miscellaneous preschool toys (small figures, etc.) choking
Miscellaneous older children's toys (baton, etc.) choking
Projectile toy blindness
Stuffed animal pompon choking
Suction toy, eye injury
Tent suffocation
Toddler gym house entrapment, strangulation
Strings on toys for neck, entanglement, strangulation


Gas can - flammable, explosion, poison
Professional hair color, explosive chemical reaction
Industrial hand tool - blood-born pathogen
Propane cylinder - fire, explosion, and carbon monoxide
Air conditioner/extension cord - fire/electric shock, Patent # D393487
Plastic soda bottle cap - projectile
Ball, balloon, marble, toys for three, four, and five year olds - choking
International safety symbol comprehension testing - batteries, lamps and
luminaries, electric shock, personal protection equipment, poison,
corrosion, etc.


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